What is a Client Closet?

These items are available complimentary to my clients who book a full, private session. Currently, I have a growing closet filled with dresses for women in Large and XL and select pieces for little girls and little boys 6 months and up.

You will see images of the same dress on women of varying sizes. I am deliberate about selecting dresses that are designed in a way that they offer incredible size versatility. The model (images shown with solid white backdrop) normally wears a small or medium in dresses. She is wearing dresses that also fit me who typically wears a large or XL. There are multiple items shown with more than enough stretch to work for a maternity client!

I am so excited to include this service along with personalized styling for everyone in the session to my client experience!

  • If you see an item you wish to use for your session, we will do a fitting prior to your session to verify sizing and comfort. I can also provide garment measurements if fitting appointment is not an option.
  • If we are not able to do a fitting, I can bring more than one dress to your session for additional options.
  • I have wardrobe clips we can use to make the dress more fitted in the back, if needed.
  • I have a pop up changing tent available for you to dress on site.

Women's Dresses

Note: Some of these work for both maternity and non-maternity. Maternity clients, please continue to the next gallery.

For dresses with stock images, I own these but have not yet photographed a client in them.


These have amazing stretch to size up and down and are all bump friendly!

Girls 6 months and up (more coming soon)

Boys 6 months and up (more coming soon)