My Story

A Journey of Passion, Family, and Connection

Long before I ever purchased my own camera, fresh out of high school and armed with my parent's trusty 35mm film camera (yep, that long ago), I embarked on a life-changing adventure with my best friend. Little did I know that this journey would ignite a travel bug in me that has refused to let go. My story is one of wanderlust, passion, and the enduring love for photography.

The moment I stepped off that plane, I found myself captivated by the beauty of the world around me. The landscapes and architecture I encountered were unlike anything I had ever seen. It was as if I had stumbled upon a hidden world of enchanting scenes waiting to be captured. The camera quickly became an extension of myself, a tool to encapsulate the world's beauty and share it with others.

As the years passed and my travels continued, my love for both photography and exploration deepened. It was during this time that I realized my passion for photography could be more than just a side hobby—it could become a central part of my life. Even while working full-time for a large hospital system in Houston, my heart was yearning for the click of the shutter and the thrill of capturing moments that would last a lifetime.

The Seed of a Business

Photographing only family and close friends was where it all began. Every snapshot was an opportunity to freeze time, to capture the essence of a moment and turn it into something that could be cherished forever. It was this devotion to preserving memories that nurtured the seeds of what would later become a full-blown photography business.

The transition from enthusiast to professional was not a quick one. It took time, dedication, and countless clicks of the camera to hone my skills. But with each photograph, I grew both as a photographer and as an entrepreneur. As my portfolio expanded, so did my confidence, and I was ready to share my passion with the world.

Why "Twenty-Three Photography"?

The name of my photography business, "Twenty-Three Photography," holds a deeply personal significance. It is a tribute to my father, a remarkable man who left an indelible mark on my life. While working on a scrapbook of his life after his passing, I realized that there were very few pictures of us together when I was an older child and adult. This realization filled me with sadness, and it spurred me to make a difference.

I knew that when I started my own family, I wanted it to be different. I wanted to ensure that no one else experienced the regret of not having enough cherished photographs with their loved ones. This is what drives my passion for photography—to help others document their lives and preserve precious moments with the people they hold dear.

My father's birthday, February 3rd (2/3), and the number 23 on his high school football jersey held special significance to our family. He was my biggest supporter, always encouraging and backing me. His ability to connect with people, even during the last 10 years of his life when he was blind, was inspiring. He touched the hearts of everyone he met.

This is why I chose the name "Twenty-Three Photography." It's a tribute to a man who shaped me, inspired me, and continues to drive my passion for connecting with others.

Fostering Connections: More Than Just Photography

My journey in photography has been a deeply personal one, marked by the desire to not only capture beautiful images but to touch the lives of those I meet, both through my camera lens and in everyday life. The essence of what I do extends far beyond just creating pictures; it's about creating lasting connections and unforgettable experiences.

Every time I pick up my camera, I am driven by a dual purpose. On one hand, there is the artistic desire to create stunning, timeless images that my clients will cherish for a lifetime. Yet, on the other hand, there is a deeper commitment—to make each client feel like they have just spent time with an old friend.

Photography isn't merely about pointing and shooting; it's about fostering relationships, capturing emotions, and creating a shared experience. When clients step in front of my lens, it's not just a photo session; it's an opportunity for them to relax, be themselves, and have fun. Laughter and joy are as much a part of the process as the click of the camera.

The magic happens when the rapport between photographer and subject is more than just professional—it's personal. I want my clients to feel comfortable and at ease, as if they're spending time with a trusted friend who happens to have a camera in hand. This relaxed atmosphere brings out the best in people, allowing their true personalities to shine through in every photograph.

Years down the road, when clients look back at the images we created together, I hope they don't just see pictures but remember the feelings, the connection, and the warmth of the moments we shared. It's about crafting memories that extend beyond the frame and endure in the heart.

As I embark on this incredible journey, it's my unwavering commitment to creating not just beautiful images, but meaningful connections. Whether it's capturing the love of a family, the excitement of a couple in love, or the milestone moments in life, I am dedicated to ensuring that every session is an experience filled with laughter, fun, and shared joy.

Photography is more than a profession—it's a passion, a calling, and a way to touch the lives of others. I am not just a photographer; I'm a friend, a storyteller, and a memory maker. And I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to be part of your journey, capturing moments and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

A Pause, A Miracle, and a Joyful Return

In early 2015, a pivotal moment arrived, just as my photography business was taking flight. It was an unexpected, life-altering gift, one that had been years in the making. After struggling with infertility, the news that we were expecting filled our hearts with an indescribable joy. Our daughter was on her way, and photography, while still a burning passion, took a backseat to what I can undoubtedly say is the most important role I would ever have—the role of Mom.

The decision to temporarily set aside my photography business was not taken lightly. I knew that this precious time with my daughter was a gift, one that I wanted to cherish and embrace fully. I may have set my camera aside, but my love for photography remained, and my skills continued to grow even during this hiatus.

I spent my days and nights learning the nuances of motherhood, soaking in the laughter, the sleepless nights, and the countless heartwarming moments. My daughter became my muse, and I was capturing her journey with as much passion as I had for any client's session.

And then, in September 2018, the moment I had been patiently waiting for arrived. It was time to officially re-launch my photography business. The camera felt like an old friend I was welcoming back into my life, and the connection was as strong as ever. This time, I was not only a photographer but also a mother, and that added depth and richness to my work.

The journey that followed was nothing short of extraordinary. Meeting new families, capturing their stories, and building amazing friendships along the way has been an incredible experience. Each click of the shutter was not just about taking pictures but about connecting with people, preserving their moments, and telling their unique stories.

The balance between motherhood and photography is a delicate one, but it's a balance I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. My daughter has been a constant source of inspiration, and she reminds me every day why I love doing what I do.

Behind the Lens: A Glimpse into My Life and My Passions

While my life's focus has been on capturing the beautiful moments of others, it's also enriched by the love and passions that define me. Allow me to share a little about the things that fill my heart and inspire me.

My Faith, My Family, My Love

At the core of my being is my love for Jesus, a guiding light in my life. His grace and teachings shape the way I view the world and the people I meet. I am eternally grateful for the strength and love that my faith provides. My husband, and our beautiful daughter are my greatest treasures. They are the ones who fill my days with love, laughter, and inspiration. They are my constant reminder of why preserving memories is so important.

Photography and Traveling: My Dual Passions

Photography and traveling are two sides of the same coin for me. When I'm not capturing moments behind the camera, I'm often exploring new places with the same sense of wonder and curiosity that initially drew me to photography. There's something truly magical about seeing the world through a viewfinder. It allows me to freeze time, preserve beauty, and share it with others. Traveling, on the other hand, feeds my soul with the diversity and grandeur of our world. It broadens my horizons and deepens my appreciation for the art of photography.

The Creative Soul

My creativity extends beyond photography. I'm a devoted lover of crafting, whether it's working on DIY projects, creating beautiful handmade gifts, or simply losing myself in the artistic process. Crafting allows me to bring a unique touch to every aspect of my life. Cooking and baking are two more of my creative outlets. I find immense joy in preparing delicious meals, especially when it comes to baking special treats for my daughter's birthdays. It's a labor of love that I cherish.

Simple Pleasures

A big cup of coffee in the morning is my daily source of comfort and a much-needed boost for my busy days. Pair it with a cozy blanket, and I'm in my happy place. Rom-com movies have a special spot in my heart. They remind me of the importance of love, family, and the simple joys of life.

Stargazing and campfires are my ways of connecting with the universe and the great outdoors. The serenity of the night sky and the crackling of a campfire provide a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

Cherished Traditions

Unplugged camping trips with my family are a treasured tradition. Disconnecting from the digital world and immersing ourselves in nature allows us to bond and appreciate the simple joys of life. In the spring, capturing our beloved Bluebonnet, the official state flower of Texas, is a tradition that holds a special place in my heart. It's a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us, even in our own backyard. Summers at the beach and catching epic Texas sunsets are like a soothing balm for my soul. These moments of tranquility and natural beauty are the fuel that keeps me going.

New Obsession: Astrophotography

My most recent obsession is astrophotography. An unforgettable trip to the dark skies of Big Bend National Park opened my eyes to the mesmerizing beauty of the cosmos. Capturing the stars, galaxies, and celestial wonders has become a passion I can't get enough of.

Phew, well that's WAY more than you probably ever needed to know about me but if you made it this far. . .you are my people! BUT enough about me. My photography journey is not just about me; it's about YOU. I'm eager to learn more about your story, your passions, and your moments waiting to be captured. Let's embark on this journey together and create memories that will last a lifetime. I'm here to capture your unique story, to freeze your cherished moments in time, and to celebrate the beauty of life.