What is a mini session?

In all honesty, I am not a fan of calling them 'mini sessions'. You might notice I rarely use that term. I prefer to call them 'limited' sessions because they have limited availability, limited to a certain date, etc. Whatever you want to call them, you can think of them as a ✨ special event ✨. They’re offered on a specific date at a location chosen by the photographer often times with a specific theme or set up available for that date only. These sessions are back-to-back with clients getting between 10-20 minutes for their session time. Because they are shorter sessions, they’re fast-paced. They are also usually a smaller investment than a full session and therefore, a smaller number of photos are in the package or collection options.

Is a mini session right for you?

  • The fall and holiday months are a notoriously BUSY season! If you have a jam-packed schedule, these sessions are a great option for you. Since the date is already chosen, it eliminates the stress of having to coordinate schedules and you don’t have to block out an hour or more for a session. 

  • They are also a great option for families with little ones who will not have the stamina for a 45-60 minute session. It *will* take some extra prep to make sure your kiddos are ready to go for these, but the short nature of them makes an excellent option for short attention spans.

  • These sessions are perfect for families who love having professional, updated photos of their family every year; however, you might not want to book a full session each time and want to have updated family photos for your holiday cards.

When should you choose a full session instead?

  • Flexibility - Those short, fast-paced sessions are not right for every family. If you want more flexibility in time, date or location, a full session is going to be the best fit for you. You get the option of choosing a location that best fits the vibe of your family.

  • Time - If you have kids who take time to warm up and get comfortable in a new or unfamiliar situation, the limited sessions may not be the best fit. You can book two back-to-back time slots to give them more time to get comfortable but you will find more value and less stress in booking a full, private session instead. A full session allows us to take our time and work around any super shy little ones or the more rambunctious that need a bit more time to reel them in to capture the images you envision.

  • Client Closet option - For my clients specifically, one huge perk of a full session is having access to my Client Closet! I have a growing number of beautiful dresses available for my clients to use for their session. Check out just a few of the gorgeous options my clients (and yours truly) used for their sessions featured below. I have both maternity and non-maternity (and many that work for both) available. I have a private gallery showcasing all of my dresses I will share with you when your booking is confirmed. Once you decide on a few options, we will schedule a fitting, if needed. I also have a limited number of items for girls up to size 8.

  • Personalized Styling - In addition to the use of my Client Closet items, I will also build a personalized style board for you (around the dresses in my client you are considering or any dress/outfit you have chosen for yourself) to help you narrow down which one will work best along with ways to coordinate your entire family for your session.

So, there you have it! Now you know the difference between a mini session and a full session AND how to choose which one is right for your family.

Check out all the current limited edition sessions I currently have planned for the upcoming fall and Holiday season by clicking HERE!

Early Bird Savings and Limited Availability

If you have determined a 'mini' or 'limited' session IS right for you, here’s the nitty-gritty on why you should book early:

  1. I offer discounted rates for early bookings to encourage clients to secure their spots in advance.
  2. Mini-sessions are in high demand during the fall and holiday seasons and I have limited availability. Once they are gone, they are gone!
  3. Booking early ensures not only that you get a spot but that you get your preferred time slot.

I always encourage clients to join my VIP email list and also join the session waitlist. This will ensure you do not miss out when the dates become available!

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