I can guarantee. . . this blog is NOT going to be what you are thinking. I am not here to tell you to say home to stay safe or to not take any vacations for your summer, cause I'm definitely looking forward to some of our getaways myself soon! It’s actually about choosing to stay home for your family photo session this year. These are truly some of my favorite ways to shoot a session. While there are honestly quite a few more on my list, I will share with you my TOP FIVE reasons.

Intrigued? Keep reading!

Reason #1: No weather worries!!!

Weather is one of the most stressful aspects for family photographers! Who knew we had to be meteorologists, as well? I know it is equally stressful for you, as the client. I have been there myself. You factor in so much in the planning for choosing a session date - work schedules, sleep/nap schedules, sports commitments, vacations, school events, etc. When the weather is not ideal, it causes more stress having to deal with rescheduling.

However, here in our area, rain isn't the only factor when dealing with weather worries. Even if we are blessed with those desirable, beautiful golden evenings; the temps here, particularly in the summer, are just downright miserable most of the time. It is too darn hot during our summer months and even well into late October. If that is not bad enough, you might just get carried away by the mosquitos the size of small airplanes. The entire family will need a bath when it is all over between the heavy dousing of bug spray and inevitable sweating. No thanks!

Think of being able to hang out in the cool of your home with the air blazing at your desired temp all while creating beautiful family images. Glorious, right? That's reason enough for me!

This in-home family session took place mid-day with temps outside teetering on 95 degrees, the first week of June. And to think. . . Texas is still pre-heating. 😓 Hot, hot and more hot. Can you tell? Nope. So pour that extra cup of coffee, snicker at the hot weather outside and cuddle up with that family of yours in the cool, comfort of your home.

Reason #2: You Do Not Need Shoes!

This might seem like a silly reason to include but I know it is something I struggle with for my own family photos. My daughter doesn't really have any “nice” shoes. Partially because it is incredibly hard to find ones that fit her high arch (thank goodness for free returns to Amazon) and also because she she outgrows them within a year. I dread spending money on shoes she will not wear more than a few times!

You have to put a lot of time, thought and effort into the entire wardrobe but often times, the shoes are all but forgotten about until the day arrives to dress everyone. Nothing ruins a perfectly planned family outfit like Disney princess sneakers (or Superhero socks, for that matter), am I right? So how do we avoid this headache altogether?

Choose to have your next family session at home, embrace the bare feet and no more shoe worries!

Reason #3: Your Kids (and you) Are Most Comfortable At Home

This is the truth regardless of the age of your kids. Sure older kids are more confident in new environments than toddlers but that doesn’t mean they aren’t even MORE comfortable at home. All of your kiddos will be more relaxed, allowing me to capture them more authentically. When your kids are relaxed and at ease, so are you! This all equates to beautiful images.

Reason #4: There’s Not Much Prep

Now hear me out before you raise an eyebrow at this one thinking of the task of prepping your house for a photo shoot! For a session on location at a park or anywhere else away from your home, you have to think of ALL THE THINGS. . . especially with little ones. Diaper changes, babies spitting up, the inevitable one that will fall in the mud, bug spray (remember Reason #1), snacks, water, treats (we know bribes can be necessary). . . shall I go on? Add to that the stress of traffic and being on time.

When you book an in-home session, you do not have to fuss with ANY of those things. You only need to get everyone dressed and make the long commute to your front door to greet me! Ha! Some key areas (the ones with the best light) will need some light pick up but I can assure you that is much easier.

Reason #5: Your Kiddos Cannot Escape

This might seem weird to say, but it’s true. While you and your spouse are getting photos of just you two or I am capturing momma or daddy with one child…your other child(ren) can’t escape. They are typically happy to wander off with a toy when they aren’t in front of the camera. You can scratch that off the list of things to stress over!

BONUS: Biggest Reason most DO NOT want an In-Home Session

Any guesses? The biggest reason that people usually do not want their family photos at home is because they think their house isn’t “good enough”. It isn’t big enough or bright enough or not decorated enough. This simply is not true. I can work with smaller spaces and have additional lighting I can utilize, if necessary. So hear me when I say . . .it is the family in the image that makes your gallery extraordinary, not the home!

Well, what do you think? Are you up for an IN-HOME summer family session?

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